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In 1977 Christian Gillet, Pascal Gillet and Florence Gillet created the company Gillet Outillage (G.I.O). During 25 years Christian Gillet was the CEO of BAUDOUIN-NOGENT (manufacturer of hand tools), a member of the European Comity of tools, the president of BACHO S.A for France, and the commercial manager of SAFICO until 1989. His experience and his relations helped G.I.O to grow faster. At the beginning, the company counted with 4 people and a turnover of FRF 1 million. It was a traditional business which manufactured cutting products (shears and cable-cutters for the electricity industry) in small premises in the centre of the town. In 1979/1980 the installation in the industrial area allowed the productivity and the conditions of employment to improve thanks to more spacious and better organised premises. This new working environment encouraged customers to entrust new markets.

1980 / 1990
The company kept improving its existing products (cable-cutters, sheet metal shears) while increasing its range with new creations (tools for the automobile industry, special tools…). These new creations enabled the company to tackle new markets. The diversification came with the creation of a partial Research and Development department in 1988, with a student from Compiègne’s UTC. Then, in 1990, a full time R&D position was created and Gillet acquired a computer-aided design and manufacturing system, which allowed to design and manufacture special machines for the assembly lines in the automobile industry (up to now, 20 machines). The staff tripled from 6 to 18 people and the turnover increased from FRF 1.2 M to FRF 8.8 M. The company became a SARL (LLC), with a capital of FRF 100,000 in 1987.

1990 /1996
The diversification brought Gillet to multiply the modifications on the means and methods of production. The R&D department got reliable and flexible material to answer the best way possible any customers’ needs (programmable machines, laser marking, CN machines, and integration of CAD/CAM at the end of year 1996). With the hiring of a quality control engineer in 1995 and the 9002 ISO certification at the end of 1997 the structure allowed an irreproachable monitoring and management. The staff goes from 18 to 22 people and the turnover from FRF 8.8 M to FRF 13.4 M. The company became a S.A (public limited company), with a capital of FRF 1M in 1994.

Extension of the industrial premises from 800 m² to 1600 m² 9002 ISO certification Staff : 34 people. Turnover : FRF 26 M. Export : 30 % Equipment investments : second machining center, Computer-Aided Production Management (CAPM), controls with profile projector and computerized control procedures, one digital control grinding center, integration of a heat treatment under controlled atmosphere .

Increasing of the R&D capacity with the hiring of a manager in this department and the investment in 2 new programs PRO/ENGINEER. Improvement of the digital production with the investment in 2 palettised machining centers.
Forecasts : Staff : 36 people. Turnover : FRF 25 M / Export : 35 % to 40 % (opening to new markets in Canada and in the USA)

Investment in 1 palletised horizontal machining center for the manufacturing of on line collars laying machines. Creation of the financial holding (GILLET HOLDING) including GILLET OUTILLAGE and SARL COUTURIER J.C. Beginning of metal-turning and screw-machining with the investment in 1 digital turning machine.
Forecasts : Staff : 37 people. Turnover : F 30 M (€ 4.6 M). Export : 50 % / Prospection in Japan and Australia and strong development in the USA and in Canada.

Creation of a new plant of 3800 m² complying with 9000 and 14000 ISO certifications to improve and develop :
- The quality in environment and in working conditions
- New products and start of machines mass production Creation of GFG company to develop and market the managing program.
Forecasts : Staff : 38 people. Turnover : € 5.4 M. Export : 55 %

2002 – 2003
- Development and reinforcement of the machines production by creating 2 posts of research PRO/ENGINEER in CAD/CAM
- Investment in 2 machining centers and in 1 digital turning machine
- Creation of 4 new posts : 1 in the R&D department / 1 in the Methods department / 1 operator / 1 general mechanic
- Creation of hand-held power tools. Objectives : increase the share of machines manufacture up to 18 % and decrease the subcontracting part from 2.5 %
Forecasts : Staff : 38 people. Turnover : € 5.6 M. Export : 50 %

2003 - 2005
Development of a new range of tools enabling the lifting and extracting of car’s engines (light and utility vehicles).
Creation of sticking machines for pre-assembly of radiator hoses.
Development of a range of tools for aluminium body shops.
Objectives : Increase the share of machines manufacture up to 20 %
Forecasts : Staff : 38 people. Turnover : € 5.8 M. Export : 50 %

2006 / 2008
Integration of an automated turning center to answer customers’ needs in small quantities.
Creation of the electronic and trade departments
Objectives : Increase the turnover from 5 to 8 % for electronics and 10 to 15 % for trade.
Forecasts : Staff : 40 people. Turnover : € 6.5 to 7 M. Export : 52 %

2009 / 2010
Merger of the physical and financial plants

Junction of the 3 production sites GILLET OUTILLAGE, JCC, and ECP at the same place, with the construction of a complementary building of 3300 m².
Financial restructuring bringing € 1 M
Forecasts : Staff : 57 people. Turnover : € 7.5 to 8 M. Export : 40 %

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